In a full symphonic metal production perfect vocal recordings are a key part
Pre Production:  The Full Symphonic Metal Album Production is the heart of our service and consists of the pre production, the band recording and the mix & mastering of your songs.
The key to a great sounding record/song is a good pre production. It’s the foundation of every Symphonic Metal Album Production. In this process the artist and the producer share and create, arrange and try, fail and succeed. There are no limits to creativity. The preproduction is either done completely in the computer or together as a band in the studio. It’s not about perfect takes but to refine and complete the song as a whole. 
Often in these sessions magical takes are created which end up in the final product because you can’t reproduce that particular mood anymore.
Recording: The most important part of a band sound is personality. The goal is to bring out what is unique in every band. Then capturing it carefully and make the artist shine. 
Our role as a producer is to make sure that the “big picture” is preserved. That the artist can focus on the performance. With access to the finest gear and best sounding rooms in the area our recordings compete sonically with the best symphonic metal productions out there.