songwriting symphonic metal production
A big and epic sounding track doesn’t necessarily start in the mixing process. It mostly starts with songwriting and arrangement.
Together with the artist a musical vision is established and will be transformed into songs.
This is not only about the instrumentation, but also about the dramaturgy of a title.
The past has shown time and again that a successful arrangement will make the decisive difference whether a song works or not.
Also in this process, keyboard sounds and orchestral arrangements are finalized, sound effects are created to give transitions or breaks more drama.
If desired, whole songs can be written for the artist or existing songs and ideas can be arranged or added. It is always important that the vision of the artist is never lost. Therefore the permanent exchange of ideas is vital in this phase.
At the end of the songwriting session, the artist receives the individual tracks of the song in order to prepare himself ideally for the recording session. An own pre production is therefore no longer necessary.